Tamed dogs and cats are always welcome to every Lima Escape Camping & Glamping accommodation (no more than 2 pets per accommodation)!

Lima Escape Camping & Glamping is fully pet-friendly and takes great pleasure in allowing access to every Camping & Glamping accommodation for your pets.


We, at Lima Escape, believe that there’s nothing better than enjoying your holidays together with your loyal friend. There is so much to explore, to feel, to scent and to run about that you and your pets will definitely enjoy a really great time here.


Lima Escape Camping & Glamping guests are most welcomed to enjoy their breakfast, lunch or drinks together with their pet friend sitting on our nice Lima Bar patio under the shade.

Requirements for pet admission

  1. Clean any damage or dirt caused by your pet.
  2. Keep your pet restrained and near to your accommodation (pets are to be kept next to its owner and under 2 meter distance) to provide safe conditions and without disrupting the comfort of other guests.
  3. Walk your pet on a leash.
  4. Be responsible for cleaning up after when your pet has to go.
  5. Any pet is not allowed to relieve itself in the vicinity of other guests’ accommodation.

Please, bring your own travel bed for your pet friend!


Any guest not complying with these rules will be warned once only, and the recurrence of any non-complying action will result in a coercive expulsion of Lima Escape Camping & Glamping and the payment of any damage (including additional cleaning of sheets and gear of Lima Escape glamping unit, if required).

Animals are not allowed to use furniture (beds, sofas, among others) and sheets, cushions and blankets in Lima Escape Glamping accommodations.

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