Dogs and cats (well behaved) are always very welcome to our campsite and our accommodations!

Our campsite allows access to pets, such as dogs or cats, and they can also enjoy their freedom. It is a great choice to explore new trails, with smells and paths different from those you are used to. There’s nothing better than enjoying your stay together with your faithful friend.

Admission requirements for animals:

  1.   Bear any damage caused by the animals.
  2.   Keep the animals locked near the premises, so they cannot move more than two meters away from the owners and in safety conditions and comfort for other users.
  3.   Walk the animal on a leash.
  4. Be responsible for collecting animal feces.
  5. Never allow the animal to urinate near other users’ premises.

Please bring your own travel bed to your best friend!

Those who do not comply with these norms will be warned only once, and the recurrence of the non-compliance will result in the coercive expulsion of the Park, payment of damages (including additional cleaning, if necessary, of the sheets and equipment of Lima Escape’s accommodations).

Animals are not allowed to use furniture (beds, sofas, among others) and sheets, cushions and blankets in Lima Escape’s accommodations.

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